Learning Environment

Learning environments are welcoming spaces when they reflect and enrich the lives and identities of children and families participating in the setting and respond to their interests and needs. At Liberty Preschool, Greenacre we acknowledge the importance of play in early childhood development. As one of the foundations of the Early Years Learning Framework, our Educators guide children’s play by carefully designing learning activities and stimulating Indoor and Outdoor learning environments. We aim to:

  • provide a play-based educational programme that is designed to meet the
  • cognitive
  • linguistic
  • physical
  • social, and
  • emotional needs of the children.
  • provide a child-centred, safe environment designed to foster learning and discovery in a warm and informal atmosphere
  • provide children with a program that caters for their individual needs and interests
  • provide families with support and activities designed to increase self-esteem and parenting skills

Our trained and experienced staff provide a quality learning experience for each child, encouraging and equipping them to develop and discover. We offer a professional educational environment in which Jesus is central to what we do and say, whilst also respecting the diversity and heritage of each child and their families.

“An active learning environment is one in which children are encouraged to explore and interact with the environment to make meaning and knowledge through their experiences, social interactions and negotiations with others” (Early Years Learning Framework, 2009, p. 45)